Google AdSense Not Counting Clicks and Earnings Dropped | How to Solve?

Hello friends, you are very welcome to my website, today in this blog we will talk about a big problem with Google AdSense, in which your Google AdSense Not Counting Clicks, however friends, when you add Google AdSense ads to your website then advertisements appear and impressions also keep coming, but there are no click counts, due to which your earnings are reduced, so friends, today in this Blog, we will talk about this topic in detail.

Google AdSense Not Counting Clicks

Google AdSense Not Counting Clicks

If you have a Google AdSense account and you are using it on your website then friends let me tell you this problem is normal. You can definitely notice it, although friends, whenever this problem has come in me, it has come for a very short time, it automatically corrects itself in 24 hours and whatever clicks are not counted at that time, comes back in 24 hours. The loss of earnings due to the non-counting of clicks also comes back.

But friends, this time this problem was very painful for me because this problem remained in my Google AdSense for almost 20 days. During this time, due to the non-counting of clicks, I earned only from impressions. Let me tell you that the earning from impressions is very less. Next, I will also show you with the help of the image. And friends, the loss of earnings due to zero clicks during this period was permanent.

Now I will explain to you with the help of images.

A total of three websites are linked in my Google Adsense, in which one is a main domain and 2 are subdomains. And in these images, I renamed and

17 March
18 March

In the image of 17th and 18th March, you can see that impressions have come in my Google action, clicks have also come, due to which earning has also happened.

22 March

Not counting the clicks in my Google Adsense starting from 19th March, you can see in the image of 20th March and 22nd March, my impressions have come a lot as compared to last 17th March or 18th March But due to zero clicks, the earning has reduced a lot.

8 April

In the image of 7th April and 8th April you can see the earning is still going down guys this problem lasts for me from 19th March to 8th April which is a very long time.

10 April

Now friends you can see in the image of 9th April and 10th April, this problem has been fixed, due to which clicks and impressions have started coming on my Google AdSense, because of the clicks, my earning increased.

Note: Now I want to tell you that this problem came only on my main domain website, not on my subdomain website. I was earning from impressions and clicks coming to my subdomain. Now friends, here I have two images of March 18 and 19, in which you can see that clicks have come on my subdomain, which has also earned, while earning is very less due to zero clicks on the main domain, which is earning only due to impressions.

18 March
19 March

As you can see in the images of 8th April and 9th April, because of the return of clicks, earning starts.

8 April
9 April


Google AdSense Not Counting Click- How to solve?

If you have not received any email from Google Adsense or you have not received any message related to this problem in the policy center of your Adsense account, then be patient, your problem will automatically go away, and you will not have to do anything.

Will the loss of earnings due to zero clicks come back?

If your clicks come back in a day or two, the loss is recovered. Both have happened to me when this problem comes to me for a day or two then my earning comes back and if this problem persists for a long time then the earning does not come back.

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